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Transform your garage into a functional extension of your home

Our line of epoxy garage floor systems were chosen based on time proven & regional results. A garage floor coating will make your garage easy to clean, greatly enhance the lighting due to the high gloss finish coat and provide years of low maintenance performance.

The keys to a successful garage floor installation include proper preparation of your garage floor surface and a high solid polyurethane or polyuera finish coat designed to withstand vehicle traffic and chemical attack. We use only industrial grade polymers that are not found in your local hardware store and require well trained technicians to install. We are not a “one system fits all” company and will design a system that is right for your project.

We offer many types of garage floor systems. Our most popular garage floor system is our “simulated granite” full broadcast system. The results of this system are unbelievable and return an awesome garage floor. The thousands of ¼” paint chips provide an eggshell texture with natural slip resistance. The “granite look” of this system provides a clean appearance and makes cleaning a snap. There are several variations to this floor and we can design the full broadcast system based on the needs of your project. View samples of our floor coating colors.

Our solid-color epoxy garage floors require less material and labor and therefore are less expensive to install. These floors are built to last with the same characteristics as our granite floor. This type of coating is typically more popular for car collectors, airport hangers and body shops that want to greatly increase the “candle light” power of the room by using the high gloss solid finish. These floors provide a mirror finish and although they increase reflectivity and enhance lighting, they require much more effort to keep looking clean. A solid color floor will also highlight any imperfection in the concrete and are not great choices if you have a floor requiring repair. Link to color chart!

All of our garage floor systems include a limited warranty. Please contact us for details.

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