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Organization Tips

The garage is typically the largest and least
organized room in your home

Below are some tried and true tips for getting the garage organized. Follow these suggestions and you will be well on your way to the garage of your dreams.

Sort & Clean Out

This is the key to an organized garage. These are some steps we have found to be helpful.

  • Start with 3 large boxes one each labeled TRASH, KEEP and DONATE.
  • Sort things into appropriate boxes.
  • Two Year Rule - If you have not used it in two years it probably needs to go into TRASH or DONATE.
  • Don’t get sentimental.
  • Schedule this around your trash day so you can drag it to the curb for pick up.
  • Take DONATE box to location of your choice.

Clear The Floor
The goal is to get everything off of the floor so you can get around your garage.

Assign Everything A Place
Before you organize, have a plan. Assign everything a place then you will purchase the correct storage accessories to do the job right the first time. While planning take into consideration the left wall of the garage is not always the best place for storage due to drivers getting in and out of the car. Also see below the four key storage areas we identify during your decision process.

Clean Out Regularly
Once your garage is organized don’t let it get cluttered. Clean out on a seasonal basis.


Cabinets are the foundation to a neat and tidy garage. Doors can be closed and everything is concealed. What to store in cabinets:

  • Small tools
  • Clothes
  • Big bulky items
  • Lawn chemicals
  • Paint
  • Shoes
  • Anything that needs to be behind closed doors
Overhead Storage
The ceiling is typically unused space and an excellent place to store items not used on a regular basis. What to store overhead:
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Seasonal sporting equipment
  • Coolers
  • Luggage
Wall Storage
Wall storage is the perfect place for storage with easy accessibility. What to store on the wall:
  • Tools
  • Rakes
  • Brooms
  • Weedeaters
  • Toys
  • Gardening Equipment
  • Hoses
Bicycle Storage
Bicycles take up floor space and can be cumbersome. The key to good storage is accessibility. Remember the left side of the garage is not a good placement for bike storage because a driver will be getting in and out of the car. Where to store bikes:
  • Wall Rack
  • Hoist System for ceiling storage
  • Floor Rack - if you have the floor space it has great accessibility