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Epoxy Flooring
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Floor Preparation


Proper preparation is the building block to a strong durable floor

Professional high solid epoxies are “thick” and have limited penetration properties. It is crucial to provide a profile to your floor in order for your floor to receive the coating. Proper removal of oil stains and various debris are completed before the floor is prepared. Ninety percent of floors that fail fail due to improper preparation. When a floor is mechanically prepared vs. chemically prepared, the failure rate is all but eliminated. We mechanically prepare all of our floors to ensure the coatings bond with the concrete is as tight as possible. A properly prepared floor will leave a profile of 120-100 grit sand paper.

Shot blasting is a controlled type of sandblast that uses shot vs. sand, and virtually is dust free due to the type of recovery systems included with this type of equipment. Shot blasting is usually required to remove a prior failed coating or in cases where there is a presence of a floor sealer that prohibits chemical preparation. Many companies avoid this method due to the cost of these machines. We do not understand how you can be in the coating business without high quality blast equipment. In most cases, shot blasting is our preferred method of our preparation.

We use diamond-grinding equipment for the perimeter of your garage where the shot blast equipment will not reach. The technology uses diamond encrusted wheels with a high amp grinder to provide the correct profile for your floor. Most of our grinders have dust free shrouds that allow us to limit the amount of dust created.

Acid etching is the primary method of preparation for most residential contractors. Acid washing is very much a hit and miss (mostly miss) tactic and is not a method that we use. All commercial polymer contractors use mechanical preparation for their projects and we use the same techniques for our residential applications to ensure client satisfaction and a quality result. Acid washing is not environmentally safe, returns a poor profile and can actually act as a bond breaker if the acidic residue is not properly neutralized and rinsed.