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Wall-Based Closet Systems


These European closet systems were originally developed by that infamously-priced west coast closet company. Wall-based systems utilize less material and are easier and faster to install because you do not have to pull and reinstall the base trim. This type of system should be less expensive than floor-based systems based on the above factors.

All wall-based systems are NOT created equal. We are very familiar with this type of system because we use it in the garage in order to suspend our cabinets off the floor. When closets are loaded they become extremely heavy and are only as good as the system used to install them. There are several advantages to our systems and there is no stronger and dependable wall-based system available.

Our wall-based closet system offers the client considerable more versatility than their current system. They provide adjustable shelving that most trim carpenter based closets do not. This type of system also allows a professional designer to maximize your space and provide you with a more functional closet.




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