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Floor-Based Closet Systems


Strength, Durability & Versatility

Floor-based closet systems provide homeowners the strength and versatility their closet demands. Our floor-based systems allow you to move shelves and rods to adjust your storage needs with the changing seasons or growing children.

The floor-based system is incredibly strong and provides a custom-built look for your closet. This type of system utilizes more material and is more labor intensive to install than a wall-based system. A typical floor-based system should cost approx. 20% more than a fairly priced wall-based system. However, many times wall-based systems are overpriced and you can get a stronger and more functional floor-based system from Organized Storage Systems, Inc.for less than a typical wall-based FRANCHISE!

A floor-based closet system is the strongest and most flexible closet system available. They allow you the ultimate in flexibility and offer endless options and accessories. We will be happy to demonstrate the pros and cons of a floor-based system vs. a wall based system.

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